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Woodstock Harley-Davidson Value Incentive Program

You’ll start out at Silver Level. When you earn enough points to achieve a higher membership level, you will be moved to the next level and earn bigger discounts! On July 31st of each year, we’ll subtract the minimum points it took to reach that level. If you dip below the threshold, we’ll give you a one-year grace period at your current level. Re-enrollment in each successive year is automatic and at no cost.

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1. May, YEAR 1: Earn 25 points, your level is set to Gold ( 12% discount ) – total 25 points at this point.

2. If you earn no additional points up to the July 31st rollover date, your total for the year will be 25 points.

3. July 31st, YEAR 1: At that rollover, you are locked in at a minimum of Gold level ( 12% discount) until July 31st of the next year, no matter what. We subtract 20 points (the amount of points it took to qualify for Gold) and your remaining 5 points will be carried into next year.

4. Over the course of the year, should you earn an additional 40 points, you will be bumped up to Platinum level (13% discount) – total 45 points at this point.

5. July 31st, YEAR 2: on that rollover, you are locked in at a minimum of Platinum (13% discount) level until July 31st of the following year, based on your current total of 45 points. We subtract 45 points (0 points remaining, no carryover points into the next year).

6. Should you earn no additional reward points during that year (Year 2), your total going into the rollover will be 0 points.

7. July 31st, YEAR 3: We bump you down to Silver (11% discount) based on your current total of 0 points.

$89 for lifetime membership

Silver Level

11% discount
0-19 points

Gold Level

12% discount
Between 20 and 44 points

Platinum Level

13% discount
Between 45 and 59 points

  Elite Level

15% discount
Requires 60+ points

How do I earn points?

You will receive 1 point for every $125 spent on qualifying merchandise. Note that ONLY invoices of $125 or greater will be processed for points; invoices of less than $125 will receive 0 points. PLUS, you can receive bonus points for the following activities:

45 Points - New CVO Motorcycle purchase
20 Points - New Motorcycle Purchase
18 points - Preferred Maintenance Plan (3YR Hard Core)
12 points - Used Bike Purchase
14 points - Preferred Maintenance Plan (3YR Easy Rider)
6 Points - WHD Boom Audio Purchase w/Install
6 Points - 60K Maintenance Services
6 Points - 10K Maintenance Services
6 Points - 20K Maintenance Services
6 Points - 30K Maintenance Services
6 Points - 40K Maintenance Services
6 Points - 50K Maintenance Services
5 points - Purchase ALL F&I Products
4 points - WHD Winter Storage & Service Package
4 Points - 25K Maintenance Services
4 Points - 15K Maintenance Services
4 Points - 1K Maintenance Services
4 Points - 35K Maintenance Services
4 Points - 45K Maintenance Services
4 points - 55K Maintenance Service
4 Points - 5K Maintenance Services
4 Points - Referral - New Motorcycle Customer
3 points - HD Extended Service Plan purchase
3 points - HD BOOM! Audio Upgrades over $750
3 Points - Referral of New Service Customer
2 Points - Stage 1,2,3 or 4 Package (2017 and up)
2 points - HDFS Financing Of Motorcycle (New or Used)
2 points - WHD HOG Member Purchasing any New or Used Motorcycle
1 point - Volunteer - Dealer Event
.75 Point - Attended HOG Club Ride
.75 Points - Attended HOG Meeting
.75 Points - Attend an Event, no RSVP

All Bonus point awards and Point Trigger values are subject to change at the sole discretion of Woodstock Harley-Davidson. Specific VIP Levels and their qualifying point requirements are subject to change at the sole discretion of Woodstock Harley-Davidson. Merchandise returned, for which points are awarded, will result in loss of the points awarded for that merchandise and possibly lower your current VIP Level. Membership Level discounts cannot be combined with any other offers unless specified by Woodstock Harley-Davidson. Membership Level discounts cannot be combined or applied to vehicle purchases or service labor charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my account for the first time?

1.   Go to HD Rider Points
2.   Choose your method to logon (Google, Windows Live, Facebook or your own)
3.   Add you information as requested by the following screens
4.   Agree to receive occasional emails from such as points and rewards updates (you can manage the types of emails you receive at any time)
5.   Select yor reatiler from the dropdown list
6.   Enter your membership number and access code (you can find this in your welcome email – if you can’t find your email simply send us an email and we will send your access code
7.   Click the Submit button and in a few seconds you will have your new card and access to your App

How do I update my email address?

1.   Logon to your phone App or go to HD Rider Points
2.   Go to the Profile Screen
3.   Enter your new email in the email field and save
4.   Your email will be updated

How do I change the type of email I want to receive?

1.   Logon to your phone App or go to HD Rider Points
2.   Go to the Profile Screen
3.   Click the Manage Email Subscriptions link
4.   Select the types of email you want to receive and deselect the ones you do not want to receive

How can I tell how close I am to getting to the next membership level?

1.   Logon to your phone App or go to HD Rider Points
2.   Go to the Rewards Screen
3.   The progress indicator will show you have close you are to getting to the next level

I entered my access code and pressed save and thought I created my card but the card screen does not appear. I tried entering my access code again and it says it’s not valid.

1.   If you are using your browser, try refreshing your screen. If you are using the App, close and reopen and you should be taken to the My Card screen